Ageon is a professional services company that assists organizations undertaking complex and critical programs with achieving their objectives. Regardless of whether a mission critical defense program, business critical capital investment, or major civil infrastructure works, no project is beyond Ageon.

Our team of world renowned experts have been involved in some of the world's largest and most complex undertakings. On average they have a minimum of twenty-five years of experience, have held senior executive roles and possess graduate level degrees. Most have been published in Business and Scientific Journals and teach at some of the world's most acclaimed institutions.

On this basis our customers look to us for support with effectively defining, developing and executing their complex programs to ensure their business and mission objectives are realized.
    Definition of Requirements
Measurement of downstream performance indicates that inadequate definition of program purpose and objectives along with translation of purpose and objectives into program requirements are major contributors to less than fit for purpose outcomes. Ageon facilitates the translation of business / mission objectives into program requirements. We do this through a proprietary process using a value matrix.

Development of Delivery Strategy
In today's world many options exist for how to approach a program. When to make investment decisions, what decisions to make, in-source versus outsource, delivery process, commercial models and technology selection are just some of the numerous decisions that must be made during the program development phase. Ageon assists our customers in understanding what questions to ask and how best to answer them based on their specific program purpose and objectives.
    Implementation of Delivery Strategy
Regardless of how well requirements are defined and strategic decisions are made, the bottom-line is that effective implementation of the strategy is fundamental. At Ageon we provide the necessary support to ensure that the delivery strategy is effectively implemented and more importantly, our customer's mission / business objectives are achieved.

What we are not
Ageon is not a project management company. We work with your project team to provide them with the know-how and means to effectively execute complex and critical projects.

To learn more about how Ageon can assist your organization contact us at info@ageon.net
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